An unique franchise for state-of-the-art cosmetic and anti-aging surgery for those who want to ride on the global beauty trend
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About ILAF®


ILAF® is the International Laser Aesthetic® Franchise, based in the Netherlands and Spain. It has a strong national presence in close co-operation with Laser Aesthetic®, a company with clear market leadership in the Benelux over the last 20 years in the world of Cosmetic and Anti-aging surgery with clinics in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Moreover, it has international success with partnership clinics in Düsseldorf and München (Germany), Marbella (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic), Moscow (Russia) and Beverly-Hills (U.S). The founders of the company behind ILAF®, are seasoned international experts with backgrounds in the medical, corporate and financial world.

The mission statement of ILAF® is to bring solutions to those who are not satisfied with their physical appearances by means of surgical or local corrections. ILAF® aims at expanding these activities in the area of cosmetic and anti-age surgery outside the Benelux and Germany through franchise agreements.

For this purpose, ILAF® is looking for several franchisees/ILAF® partners to expand its activities inside and in Europe. The franchisee is granted a territory in which it can operate depending on the package deal that it has made. There are three kinds of packages:

  • Sterling - based on area code with a max of 50 kms around the clinic.

  • Gold - an area with population of 10 million or less.

  • Diamond - an area with population of 10 million or more.


ILAF® supports the franchisee in the start-up phase, e.g. a location, medical equipment and a press conference. After that, ILAF® provides the franchisee with its know-how on marketing and cosmetic surgery treatments, and the service of a medical staff.


We welcome investors who, like us, believe in the economic growth opportunities of the anti-aging industry and are prepared to ride on the global beauty trend.

It's easy to contact us! Use the form below or dial +31 23 5100 600, or visit

















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Laser Aesthetic® staat vanaf 1994 bekend als de sterrenkliniek van de Benelux met vele BN'ers en celebrities als klant. Anno 2020 is de markt enorm veranderd en is cosmetisch- en plastische chirurgie bereikbaar en betaalbaar voor iedereen, mede door gespreide betalingsmogelijkheden. Het ervaren team van Laser Aesthetic® is zeer deskundig en blijven vooruitstrevend door constante bijscholing, training en nieuwe vindingen. Laser Aesthetic® investeert continue in de allernieuwste geavanceerde technieken en methoden zodat u de garantie heeft dat er wordt voldaan aan de hoge en strenge kwaliteitseisen. Wij zijn niet alleen specialisten maar ook perfectionisten om u te begeleiden naar een jonger en zelfverzekerder uiterlijk.